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March 16, 2011 / dkhgh


If you haven’t checked out Amalia’s Art Slave album yet, now would be a good time. Part of the album release was a remix competition for the song “All The Funk I Need”, a song with some serious groove going on.
Check the original here:

And here’s my remix, the download is on my Soundcloud

January 20, 2011 / dkhgh


2010 was a good year. After deciding to focus on music and be serious about it, I released my summer beattape, and followed up with the remixes of Olivier Daysoul‘s Mr. Saint Louis EP. I did a guest mix for streets of beige, a UK based collective promoting artists and clubnights in the “bass” scene.

I got a lot of things I wanna do in 2011. Right now I’m working on a collection of instrumental sample-based but atmospheric beats (at least 8 tracks, so it’s probably gonna be somewhere between an EP and an album). Sortof the next level after the beattape. Don’t know how I’m gonna release it yet but I can’t wait to put it out. I’m also working on some more uptempo stuff, with a lot of Brazilian influences. Broken beats with lots of layers. Then there is a collection of soulful hiphop beats and future-soul concept tracks laying around – hopefully somewhere this year I can turn that into something too. I’m gonna be back home soon, which means a full studio with a shitload of instruments, so more freedom, and more LIVE sounds. There will also be some of my beats popping up on mixtapes etc. here and there. Check out this guy, he’s got a mixtape coming up featuring one or two duke hugh productions.

I also found some people are using my beats (mostly of the summer beattape) for their own mixtapes without asking permission and shit. That’s cool, but I don’t really like to see

(Produced by Duke Hugh)

in the songtitle in these cases. I made the beat, not the song.
I am looking for people to work with though, so singers, rappers and graphical artists you know where to find me!

December 6, 2010 / dkhgh

Mix for Streets of Beige

The guys at Streets of Beige asked me to do a mix for them. I combined some beats of my favorite dutch producers with songs that inspired me. Expect hip-hop, soul and brazilian influences. I’ve also hidden a little something the real sampleheads will recognize.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

November 10, 2010 / dkhgh

remix EP “st. louis to madrid”

A couple of years ago I was supposed to make some music with Olivier Daysoul. But back then I was slacking, so nothing happened. One beat that I never finished actually ended up on my beattape, guess which one. Anyway, not so long ago Olivier released a great EP, entirely produced by Oddisee. The EP included instrumental and a capella versions of all songs, and last week I couldn’t help myself and I remixed them all. Free download here.
P.s. i really enjoyed making these so if you want me to remix your tracks get at me ( or

September 5, 2010 / dkhgh


Last night I was listening to this FLYamSAM mix when I heard this track. I knew I heard it/the original before, but it took me a while before I found it. By then I heard so much awesome Bollywood music I just couldn’t resist.

September 1, 2010 / dkhgh

guess the sample

August 23, 2010 / dkhgh

light em up

from the category ‘someone was supposed to rap on this’.